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Living and working on and Wathaurong and Wurundjeri Country, we acknowledge this land was never ceded, but was taken with force at the time of colonisation. We support Reconciliation and Treaty. 

Wildflower's Mission is to help create a more beautiful, cleaner, healthier world in which children and all living things can thrive.

We are uniquely positioned to support you to grow, lead and inspire with sustainability. Offering a distinct set of skills, along with extensive experience in the early childhood, government, not-for-profit, and digital media industries, we customise our services for every organisation.


Wildflower places sustainability at the core of every project and you will be supported to turn your efforts into lasting benefits – for your organisation, the community and the environment.​

For larger projects, and when additional input is required, Wildflower partners with other experienced consultants.



Wildflower is a home-based business 60km west of Melbourne CBD.

The health of our environment and community is always front of mind and we operate with minimal environmental impact.

Wildflower treads lightly on the earth by: 

  • Using 100% renewable electricity: solar panels + certified renewable power from Power Shop

  • Purchasing 100% certified green gas from Power Shop while making plans to move away from using gas entirely 

  • Sending zero food waste to landfill

  • Sending zero plastics to landfill and minimising plastics use

  • Using video and phone conferencing wherever possible 

  • Using public and sustainable transport wherever possible and avoiding car and air travel

  • Offsetting car and air travel using Green Fleet

  • Banking with Bendigo Bank - a not-for-profit organisation that has zero investment in fossil fuels and invests heavily in the local community

  • Holding superannuation with Australian Ethical Super, who do not invest in fossil fuels and are a certified B Corporation

  • Holding home, contents, car and health insurance with companies that do not invest in fossil fuels and are either not-for-profit or a certified B Corporation

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