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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Indie bookshops are finally making a comeback, with an ethical, and serious, competitor to Amazon having landed online. was launched in the US and UK in 2020. Initially starting with 250 bookshops, more than 900 stores have now signed up in the US, with those numbers growing. And although not yet in Australia, it's (hopefully) only a matter of a time. So now, people can buy their books online with the assurance that all profits are going to independent bookshops. Bookshop allows independent bookshops to create their own virtual shopfront on the site, and they retain the full profit margin from each book sale. With their mission being “to benefit the public good by contributing to the welfare of the independent literary community" Bookshop is in the process of applying for B Corporation certification in the UK. To boot, Bookshop can never be sold to a major US retailer, including Amazon.

Read the full Guardian article about Bookshop here.

(No commission was received by Wildflower for writing this review)


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