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Plan completed by: Verity McLucas
Date reviewed: December 2021




1.    Physical distancing 
•    A minimum 1.5 metres physical distance will be maintained between Verity, contractors and clients at all times, both indoors and outdoors.

2.    Face coverings
•    A face mask will be worn at all times for any in-person engagements by Verity and Wildflower contractors. 

3.    Good hygiene
•    Any shared equipment will be cleaned and disinfected between uses. Such as: 
•    wearable microphone and battery pack 
•    iPad
•    Shared camera equipment between Wildflower contractors
•    Hand sanitiser will be available at all times for use by clients, Verity and Wildflower contrators during any in-person engagements.

4. Keep records and act quickly if workers become unwell
•    In-person engagements will be postponed if Verity or Wildflower contractors have even mild symptoms. COVID testing will be carried out immediately.
•    Relevant clients will be notified if Verity or Wildflower contractors have developed COVID symptoms. They will be notified of test results as soon as returned. 
•    In-person engagements will be rescheduled once it is medically safe and approved to do so.

5. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces
•    In-person engagements will be conducted outdoors wherever possible.
•    If in-person engagements must be conducted indoors, we will endeavour to meet in a space with enhanced fresh air flow, openable windows and doors.
•    At least 1.5 metres distance will be kept between people at all times.

This plan was created following the Victoria COVID Safe Plan Guidelines

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